What is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make?

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What is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make?

What is the best investment you will ever make? Is it in shares, property, gold?

None of them.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. That’s right, you need to invest in yourself.

Now if you have read my blog or watched my video on “want to get paid more”, you will realise that you get paid to solve other people’s problems.

So my question to you is this.

Are the problems we want solved today the same problems we had when you were at school?

I would suggest not.

There are jobs to day that didn’t exist when I was at school.  Things like technicians to repair bank ATM’s.  People to fix mobile phones.  People to install and fix WIFI systems.  And I am really showing my age here when I can still remember our first colour TV.

And there were other jobs that now seem to fallen away.  What about a public phone booth.  I remember when I was a kid going on holidays and having to queue up to use the public phone.  Who does that these days?  I just pull out the mobile phone.

How often do you see a public phone booth today? So how may repair technicians do they need now? Not many I would suggest.

So what would have happened to you if you were a public phone booth repair technician and did not learn for example how to fix a bank ATM?  Or to fix mobile phones or WIFI equipment?

You would probably be out of a job today.

So what would have been the best investment that public phone technician could have made 20 to 15 years ago?

It would have been to invest in their own education to learn new skills so that they could continue to be employed and get a pay cheque.

And anybody can do this.

This does not need to be going back to school or university.  It could just be a short course, some on the job training, some unpaid work experience.  You could have even asked your boss to pay for some of this.

All you needed to invest was time and possibly some money to learn these new skills.

And by doing this it would mean that the public phone technician would probably have a different job today, but they would still be employed and getting paid

So how much is having a job for 10, 20 or even 30 years’ worth?  What other investment could they have made which would have given them the same or a better return?   I doubt there is any other investment you could make which would give you that return!

That’s why investing in yourself to learn new skills and new experiences helping you getting employed is the best investment you can ever make.

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