Open Letter to Dick Smith Fair Go Housing Affordability Debate

Dear Mr Smith

I applaud you for taking a stand on the housing affordability issues and the publication of your Fair Go document.  However I feel it is appropriate to make some comments on this document.

I agree that population pressure is causing above cycle house price growth in Sydney and Melbourne.  But even if you stop immigration, you are doing nothing to stop the movement of young productive adults from regional areas to the major cities (especially Sydney and Melbourne).

And as such there will be continued strong demand for housing in Sydney and Melbourne.  Pushing house prices up in those two cities whilst our once strong regional areas continue to decline.

So any solution to fix the housing affordability issues in Sydney and Melbourne, needs to include regional job creation strategies.  To get our young productive adults to stay in regional areas.  And if necessary, support any overseas migration we have.

You can download my full views on the Fair Go The Aussie Housing Affordability Crisis: An Honest Debate” paper below.

Furthermore I am happy to have a face to face conversation about these issues.  You can contact me on

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Wayne Wanders

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