About the Book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”

“I’ve just finished this book and I have to say that there is some very confronting information here. The kind of knowledge you wish you were taught at school. Luckily, Wayne doesn’t just show you the problems in your way, he provides actionable answers too. Read it as soon as you can.”

Brett McFall

Internet marketing expert and best-selling author of “How To Make Money While You Sleep”

Wayne Wanders, author of the book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”, and The Wealth Navigator believes that the concept of retirement is about to be “retired”.

Why?  Because the system is rigged in favour of the government, big businesses (especially the banks), the politicians and the unions.

And because of this, “You are on the treadmill to work till you drop”

If you don’t believe me.  Simply watch the below video which shows why you are probably on the treadmill to work till you drop!


Avoid the Poverty Trap
Avoid the Poverty Trap

And this is where my book “Avoid the Poverty Trap” can help

The book “Avoid the Poverty Trap” shows you in plain and simple English, strategies that you can action today to improve the health of your wealth so you can get off this treadmill.

Wayne presents me with methods that i could do today, to be pro active about my future nest egg, that will help me avoid retiring poor.  The great thing about what Wayne has written in this book is he not only shows me what i can do, but he has drawn from his own experiences, been pro active about his retirement and done the things that he has written in this book”

Andy Schoemaker

Key benefits of the “Avoid the Poverty Trap” book


The key benefits you will get from reading the “Avoid the Poverty Trap” book include:

  • Know if you are indeed heading straight for the Poverty Trap.
  • Understanding where you are today and how to work out where you really want to be.
  • Knowing the tips and tricks to beat the rigged system, avoid the poverty trap and improve the health of your wealth.  All so you can stop working when you want to.
  • Having a money mindset so that you don’t self-sabotage yourself.
  • Being able to manage your money so you have more money at the end of your month.
  • Growing your income by making your time (both inside and outside of work) worth more.
  • More time for you and your family as you break the habit of swapping your time for money and start to swap your money for time.
  • Making a positive difference in the world by being able to freely give your money and / or time.
Avoid the Poverty Trap
Avoid the Poverty Trap

This is all presented in plain and simple English with actions you can take today to improve the health of your wealth.


“Avoid the Poverty Trap was the kick in the backside I needed to ensure my wife and I will have a secure and relaxed retirement. I really do think that this book has changed our lives …………. Also self sabotage was a big eye opener. I have done this my whole life”

Michael Garton

How do I get the book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”


Now my book “Avoid the Poverty Trap” normally sells for $34.95, but as a special bonus to you, you can get the physical book mailed direct to your letterbox anywhere in Australia book for FREE.

All I ask is that you pay $9.97 to help cover some of the postage and handling costs.

So, if you help cover some of the postage and handling, I will mail directly to your Australian letterbox, a FREE physical copy of my brand new book.

Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to a secure Paypal page and your copy of the book “Avoid the Poverty Trap” will be on its way to you shortly.

And I am going to make all of this risk free for you.  .  I am so confident that my book will help you avoid the poverty trap and get off the treadmill to work till you drop.  That I will guarantee it.

That’s right if you read my book and do not think it will help you to avoid the poverty trap and get off the treadmill to work till you drop, I will refund the $9.97 postage and handling fee, no questions asked.  Zero Risk.

And you can keep the book.

Do you and your family a favour and read Avoid the Poverty Trap today.

Wayne Wanders
The Wealth Navigator

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Avoid the Poverty Trap
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