About the Financial Health Assessment

In my opinion, most people today are on the treadmill to work till they drop.

And my question to you, is, are you one of them?

If you are not sure, that’s where my special one-on-one personal 30 minute Financial Health Assessment can help.

Apart from knowing if you and / or your partner are currently on the treadmill to work till you drop, your Financial Health Assessment will uncover the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your ability to get off the treadmill as quickly and easily as you’d like to.

You and your partner will leave the Financial Health Assessment renewed, re-energized, and inspired to improve the health of your wealth and get off the treadmill of working till you drop.

Wealth Truth
Wealth Truth

I cannot speak highly enough of Wayne’s skill in navigating through the figures given to him as well as his people skills.  He shared possibilities, alternatives, what if’s rather than advice, and this opened my eyes to pathways.

Anne, Sydney

financial health assessment
financial health assessment

How much is the Financial Health Assessment?

The Financial Health Assessment is $297.

At no stage in the Financial Health Assessment will I actually try and sell you any shares, managed funds, property or other investment products.  It is all unbiased advice to help you improve the health of your wealth and get you off the treadmill of working till you drop.  Now see if you can get this from a financial planner!


How do I get the Financial Health Assessment?


So if you are interested in experiencing a Financial Health Assessment, simply click on the link below and you will be taken to a secure Paypal page.


If I have questions, he is there.  If I am unsure, he is there.  There’s nothing like having a back-up person to feel comfortable with – it is all there in black and white.  It’s a win-win situation……………..It is through Wayne’s influence and assistance that my brain kicked into gear.

Anne, Sydney

Make sure that you look out for an email from me as you will need to complete my Financial Health Assessment Workbook prior to our session.  This will enable me to make sure we talk specific to your circumstances.  And rest assured I will treat all information as confidential and will not share this with anyone.

This email will also have a link to my online booking system where you can book your one on one Financial Health Assessment at a time that suits you and your partner.

And I am going to make all of this risk free for you.  I am so confident that my Financial Health Assessment will help you start the process of getting off the treadmill to work till you drop, that I will guarantee it.

That’s right if you do not think your Financial Health Assessment helps you to get off the treadmill to work till you drop, I will refund the full amount, no questions asked.  Zero Risk.


Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator Has Been Published in

I look forward to your Financial Health Assessment.

Wayne Wanders
The Wealth Navigator

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